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Sculpting chin and jawline area with a revolutionary Volux treatment

Sculpting chin and jawline area with a revolutionary Volux treatment

If you wish to have your chin and jawline area well defined but don't want to resort to classic surgery entailing a long recovery period, the latest evolution in dermal fillers and a new era for non-surgical jawline sculpting started in Spring 2019 when a new jawline Volux facial filler appeared. Endearingly coined "evolution in the facial filler treatment", Volux has become a groundbreaking innovation for its capability to correct the shortcomings formally corrected only through surgery.

"Volux filler is like a liquid implant. We're talking about a filler longevity of which easily surpasses the period of two years and more under a patient's skin and through a safe pair of hands, it's easily applied in the patient's jawline instantly correcting any assimetry or drooping caused by age, genetics or other factors. We're delighted to be amongst the first ones to try this innovative Volux treatment with the help of the world-renowned expert Dimitrios Sykianakis", says Dr. Nikola Milojević, one of the pioneers of the revolutionary treatment in Croatia. This treatment is to become a standard one in Milojević Clinic.

Dr. Milojević describes the results of the treatment as extraordinary for the patients' overall appearance as the natural beauty is often defined as symmetry and that's exactly what Volux does to our facial shape and volume avoiding the unecessary and possibly painful surgery.

What exactly is the Volux filler for?

Volux dermal filler is intended for a non-surgical chin and jawline sculpting thus avoiding the long recovery period. It's the newest, very dense and robust formula designed to achieve the desired chin contours and volume fast and maintain it for a long time.

Oblikovanje brade i vilice Volux filerom, prijeBefore
Oblikovanje brade i vilice Volux filerom, poslijeAfter

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Volux can help patients who want to improve their facial contours from every angle: chin, jawline or profile. Whether you’d like to restore the confidence you lost because of a birth deformity, some kind of injury or simply tackle the dissatisfaction with the small, retracted or weak chin.

Volux is a perfect solution for you!

Even in the case of the authoritative, protruding chin, aging makes one lose volume or cause drooping in the lower facial area due to genetics, soft tissue and bone structural changes. The facial expression can also be modified with age or other external factors. With age we all lose definition in the chin, neck and jawline area which inevitably changes the shape of our face.

What is Volux filler made of?

Volux dermal filler is a hyaluronic acid-based product in the Vycross technology range. It has a high concentration of cohesive hyaluronic acid sure to give a Long lasting, more Natural looking result.

How does it work?

With its high concentration of the hyaluronic acid essential for firmer, younger-looking skin and for boosting collagen production which is why we call it the liquid implant, we apply it deep under the skin, onto the bone to redesign its form gently and restore natural facial volume and plumpness and the results can last up to 24 months.

How long does the actual treatment last? Is the expected recovery period long?

The actual Volux treatment lasts no longer than 20 minutes. Even one treatment is enough to achieve significant improvement in chin and jawline definition and the procedure is painless and risk-free. The recovery period is short. Some patients may experience passing feeling of discomfort in the jaw but the treatment requires no stay-in time. You can immediately go back to your everyday activities and the awesome effect of the treatment will last for up to two years.


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