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Med Contour Multipower

Med Contour Multipower

  • A new scientific achievement and more advanced version of the previous instrument (Med2Contour) combines ultrasound and radiofrequency for non-surgical body shaping, reduction of fat deposits, removal of cellulite, and the firming of facial and body skin. Quick, effective, painless.

Med Contour Multipower has 4 applicators:

What is Med Contour Multipower?

Med Contour Multipower is a new-generation apparatus in its category that combines ultrasound and radiofrequency for effective, safe, and painless non-surgical body shaping, cellulite removal, firming of the skin, and rejuvenation of the face.

Advantages of Med Contour Multipower

  • 4 applicators - for non-surgical body shaping, removal of cellulite and fatty tissue, lymphatic drainage, firming facial and body skin, and a special applicator for face lifting
  • 3 technologies - ultrasound, radiofrequency, vacuum
  • 3 ultrasonic frequencies - 1MHz / 2.5MHz / 5MHz
  • The purpose of Med Contour Multipower is to provide non-invasive facial and body treatments especially for:
  • Removal of localised fat deposits and cellulite
  • Reduction of volume of individual body parts
  • Removal of wrinkles
  • Tightening of facial and neck skin
  • Improving subcutaneous microcirculation
  • Lymphatic drainage

The innovative Med Contour Multipower has 4 applicators:

Body Shape

MedContour Body Shape

Treatment to remove fat deposits and cellulite

The Med Contour Body Shape applicator is the winner of the prestigious award "The Best Non-Invasive Body Shaping Enhancement” at the world’s largest medical congress of aesthetic medicine The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas. It was also the most used non-surgical therapy for the removal of fat cells in the United States in 2013 and 2014. Now we can use its benefits and improvements such as its new larger ergonomical head which makes treatments shorter and provides greater efficiency.

Special energy direction feature

The patented Med Contour applicator has 2 ultrasonic heads. The ultrasonic probes are larger than their prototypes and are now ergonomically designed to more easily and effectively direct energy to the treated area, that is, the area of the body with fat deposits or cellulite. The special energy direction feature is achieved by positioning the ultrasonic probes at a specific and precisely defined angle. Each ultrasonic probe releases one wave of energy (in the shape of a V) whereby the most energy is concentrated at the tip of the V shape, thus producing maximum heat in the tissue. A controlled ultrasound targets and penetrates into the subcutaneous fat and stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, but leaving the skin, blood vessels, and connective tissue untouched.

These characteristics enable Med2Contour to direct more energy to the treated area, making the procedure safe and more precise.

This directing of energy is safe for the surface of the skin, there are no unwanted side-effects such as burns, and at the same time there is 4 times more energy being directed into the fatty tissue itself.

Body Shape - prije 1Before
Body Shape - poslije 1After
Body Shape - prije 2Before
Body Shape - poslije 2After

Effects of treatment and benefits

Ultrasound has so far proved to be the best non-surgical method for removing cellulite and fat deposits. Namely, the treatment works directly - it breaks down the fat cells' membrane and releases their contents; whereas for cellulite it breaks their connective fibre, which is essential for removing cellulite.

The efficiency of the treatment is further improved through lymphatic drainage, the next step after ultrasound. This is very important because it accelerates the excretion of broken-down fat, speeds up circulation, and releases excess fluid - especially when treating cellulite. In the end, the result is a reduction in volume of even several centimetres, while cellulite disappears with the least possible number of treatments.

Two ultrasonic heads are used during Med Contour Multipower treatment on tissue and fat cells. With the joint action of the two coordinating ultrasounds, numerous gassy bubbles are produced within the tissue. The ultrasound acts in two phases on these bubbles: the decompression phase and the compression phase. During the decompression phase, the bubbles increase. Then during the compression phase, due to the warmth of the ultrasound, the enlarged bubbles begin to decrease until they finally implode. Implosion releases a large amount of energy that causes damage to the fat cells’ membrane. Med Contour's unique ultrasound treatment breaks down the membrane of fat cells, causing the fat cells to break down, and releasing fatty acids and triglycerides. Through our body's natural process, the excess of fatty acids and triglycerides are eliminated from the body. Lymphatic drainage greatly improves the elimination process.

Benefits of treatment:

  • Safe, effective, pleasant
  • No burns, bruises, or any skin changes
  • Results are IMMEDIATELY visible right after the first treatment
  • Reduction in volume is measured in centimetres
  • Security guarantee - FDA approved

No special preparation required, and after treatment you can return to your regular activities

Body Shape - prije 3Before
Body Shape - poslije 3After
Body Shape - prije 4Before
Body Shape - poslije 4After

Course of treatment and area of action

The treatment consists of three phases:

  • Stimulation of lymphatic centres
  • Ultrasound treatment
  • Lymphatic drainage of the treated area

Areas which can be treated are: the stomach, thighs, arms, buttocks, knees, calves, and upper elbow fat

Treatments are performed every 7 to 10 days. The average number of treatments required is 5. The duration of the treatment depends on the area and level of difficulty, and ranges in duration from half an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

The results are similar to liposuction, except without the long recovery period, pain, lumps, etc. Moreover, the results are permanent - as long as you follow the recommended diet and practice some form of physical activity.

Candidates for treatment are women and men (over the age of 16) with fat deposits on specific parts of their body, as well as cellulite and saggy skin. Naturally, you must be realistic in terms of expectations, watch what you eat and how much you exercise.

The apparatus breaks down fat cells, reduces and eliminates cellulite. With its lymphatic drainage extensions, it stimulates the excretion of fat cells, and after treatment using the tightening and firming extension, there is no risk of saggy skin or unruliness. Moreover, the skin’s texture is improved, and is smoother and softer.

Body Shape and Tight

MedContour - Body Shape and Tight

Body shaping and skin tightening treatment

Med Contour Multipower has a new ultrasonic applicator with 2.5MHz of ultrasonic frequency for body shaping and tightening.

The Body Shape and Tight applicator consists of a disc with 3 circular ultrasonic heads and sequential activation, all of which emit their own separate ultrasonic energy.

The separate activations allow us to use the most peak power pulses emitted from each probe, which stimulates the tapping massage effect on the treated area.

The results of treatment using the Med Contour Multipower Body Shape and Tight applicator are improved epidermal texture and reorganisation of the dermis, better skin tonus due to the induction of active processes, increased collagen fibres, and increased fibroblast stimulation.

Body Shape and Tight - prije 1Before
Body Shape and Tight - poslije 1After
Body Shape and Tight - prije 2Before
Body Shape and Tight - poslije 2After

The Body Shape and Tight applicator emits radiofrequency as well, which enhances the effect of the ultrasound.

RF is conceived as the effect of the so-called tripolar (3 electrodes with alternating current) electromagnetic field in contact with tissue to produce warmth by increasing the internal temperature of the treated area. This reaction causes a denaturation of collagen fibres whose subsequent reorganisation actually makes them shorter and denser, and brings about a tightening effect. Radiofrequency also acts on skin tonus by improving elasticity and smoothness, including cellulite, and saggy skin.

Face Lifting

MedContour - Face Lifting

Anti-age treatments

In addition to its body applicator, Med Contour Multipower also has the well-known and proven effective probe from the new Med Visage device.

The use of ultrasound and radiofrequency technology works in-depth on the skin and brings about a significant reduction in facial wrinkles, as well as tightening saggy skin on the face, neck, and décolleté.

The benefits of this type of skin rejuvenation, besides longer-lasting results, are visible immediately. The treatment is pleasant, with no side effects. The tissue is gradually warmed with ultrasonic energy, without risk of burns.

Furthermore, radiofrequency stimulates collagen production, making the skin tighter. This is a slower process but with a progressive effect. In the end the skin becomes plumper and rejuvenated.

This new non-invasive facial applicator is completely safe and effective. After treatment, the skin immediately becomes firmer, smooth, and elastic.

How does the treatment affect the skin?

The treatment stimulates the production of new collagen and creates a natural effect of improved skin tonus.

Ultrasound frequency gradually warms up the tissue, thereby maximising energy utilisation, and makes the treatment completely safe and pleasant.

The Med Visage instrument combines ultrasound technology with radiofrequency to rejuvenate and tighten skin on the face, neck, and décolleté. The ultrasound passes deep into the skin and effectively reduces wrinkles and saggy skin on the face, neck, and décolleté. This is a 5MHz ultrasound with a modulated frequency of 10Hz to 3.5kHz.

Radiofrequency is additionally applied after using the ultrasound. The immediate effect of the radiofrequency is to stimulate collagen production, which gives the skin a tightening effect. It is a process which lasts even after treatment and the result is restoring skin volume and rejuvenation. This new and revolutionary technology erases the trace of time: wrinkles and sagginess on the face, neck, and décolleté. It can be used on the entire face: the forehead, wrinkles around the nose and mouth, bags under the eyes, eyelids, cheeks, as well as the area under the chin, neck, and décolleté. After treatment, the skin instantly becomes tighter, more smooth, and elastic.

Why is non-invasive face lifting a good choice?

Non-invasive face lifting is a good choice because it is a deep skin treatment that significantly reduces wrinkles on the face and tightens the skin. The results are long-lasting and immediately visible: the skin is firmer, more smooth, and elastic. Also, due to the continued production of collagen, the skin becomes younger and more beautiful.

Lymphatic drainage treatment

MedContour - Tretman limfne drenaže

Draining is a special applicator used for stimulating lymph glands and drainage. The biological and elastic membrane that adheres perfectly to the tissue stimulates lymphatic, venous, and arterial circulation, which improves blood flow in the tissue. Drainage is performed both on the face and body, thus stimulating the excretion of scattered fat cells through the lymph system.

Zone lymphatic drainage

Each treatment begins with lymphatic stimulation. The purpose of this is to open the lymph nodes and accelerate their activity. Lymphatic drainage on the treated area is also performed after ultrasound treatment. In this way, the triglycerides and fatty acids that were released during treatment are excreted through the lymph system.

This is of great importance in order to direct the released fat towards the lymph nodes and avoid overstraining the liver with a large amount of fat.

The remaining fat cells must be excreted through the lymph system, and that is precisely what drainage is for. Med Contour is also equipped with an extension to open lymph nodes and for lymphatic massage (drainage). These two procedures are performed thanks to the membranes on the applicator. The membranes adhere perfectly to the tissue and stimulate lymph, venous, and arterial circulation. The massage is very pleasant.

Zone lymphatic drainage is recommended to anyone who has used the Med Contour treatment just after undergoing ultrasound treatment.

Vacuum drainage helps to:

  • Stimulate lymph nodes
  • Eliminate excess toxins and fats in the body
  • Increase blood circulation in the treated area

Zone drainage is mild and may be used even after liposuction for a quicker recovery.


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