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Dr. Sc. Andrej Roth

Dr. Sc. Andrej Roth, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Roth graduated from the Medical School in Zagreb in 1994, and since 1995 is employed at the Clinic for Tumours of the Sisters of Charity Hospital. He completed his specialisation in General Surgery (2002), then his sub-specialisation in plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery (2010). Furthermore, he received his PhD (2012) in Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb, with a dissertation on "The Role of Estrogen Receptor Beta in Breast Cancer Development". As of 2011 he is the Head of the Polyclinic at the Clinic for Tumours. Dr. Roth completed numerous trainings in the field of plastic surgery, many courses in reconstructive breast surgery and oncoplastic surgery, and resided in the world's leading plastic surgery centres. He has published a whole array of scientific studies in domestic and international professional journals, with the main topic of his scientific interest being breast cancer and all types of skin tumours. He participated at important global congresses, and was thus recently a lecturer at the Sixth European Congress on Breast Diseases with the topic "Patient/Surgeon Satisfactory Expectations". Dr. Roth is a member of the Croatian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as international professional associations of plastic surgeons (ISAPS, ESPRAS, EBOPRAS).

In addition to breast surgery and skin changes, Dr. Roth also specialised in liposuction, whereby it is important to highlight that he has been educated by the world’s leading experts for Vaser Lipo. The Polyclinic Milojević has the most experience with Vaser Lipo and has performed the largest number of operations in this part of Europe. Dr. Andrej Roth therefore emphasises the advantages of such a procedure:

The operative surgery is considerably less traumatic than standard liposuction, it yields better results, and it is possible to remove larger amounts of fatty tissue without significant bleeding. Vaser Lipo very effectively tightens the skin, thereby avoiding the appearance of excess skin after the procedure, which is a frequent problem with standard liposuction. Also, Vaser Lipo uses ultrasonic waves that break only fat cells, leaving the blood vessels and surrounding tissue unaffected. Recovery after the procedure is considerably faster, and after a few days the patient may resume most of their daily activities. Finally, an important advantage of Vaser Lipo is that it enables the transfer of fat from one area to another - meaning that fat removed from the stomach area, for example, may be used for augmentation of the breasts or buttocks.


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