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Unwanted Tattoos

A tattoo that a person regrets is fairly common and unwanted tattoos can be removed with laser treatments.

A tattoo is gained by a needle piercing the skin and inserting ink into the dermis (the second layer of the skin) that is located just below the dermis. The tattoo process is effectively damaging to the skin and the body responds with its white blood cells attempting to absorb the external elements and disposing of it within the blood stream. However, the inks pigment is too big to be absorbed by white blood cells.

If the ink is distributed to deeply into the skin then the ink can become blurred. The fading of a tattoo can also occur when a person’s body shape changes or it can even become distorted.

Unwanted Tattoos can be treated with a laser where the tattoo is broken down through a high-energy burst of light. The light breaks down the elements in the ink and is carried away through the body’s internal waste removal systems.


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